Japanese Chef Prepares Fried Rice in Under 60 Seconds

2023-02-19 02:59:51 By : Mr. Alien Lee

When dining out, we don't always get to see the hard work and talent that goes into preparing each dish. So it's enlightening when people share videos of chefs at work. One such case is Takumi Murakami, the chef at the Shibuya, Tokyo, location of the restaurant Kani chahan no mise. His masterful skill of preparing omurice has earned him the title “god of fried rice.”

A short video shows how the esteemed chef cooks and plates a crab-fried rice dish in under one minute. He begins by adding the rice to the large wok pan and continuously flips the rice as he adds more ingredients. Seeing Murakami toss the food over and over with incredible precision is mesmerizing to watch, but it's even more satisfying when you see the final dish come together. Bluestone Cookware Set

Japanese Chef Prepares Fried Rice in Under 60 Seconds

After about 50 seconds of frying over the stove, Murakami transfers the rice to a dish, cupping it to ensure it retains a pleasing round shape. However, the meal isn't complete until he adds a portion of crab on top. Then, it is ready to be served.

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Japanese Chef Prepares Fried Rice in Under 60 Seconds

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