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2022-05-11 08:48:38 By : Ms. Meaya Yang

Winter is coming and we're all stocking up on jackets, heaters and knitwear for our kids. But let's not forget their tiny tootsies!

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Winter is coming and we're all stocking up on jackets, heaters and knitwear for our kids. But let's not forget their feet: they deserve to feel warm and cosy, too! 

The thing about kids is... they grow pretty fast! Which means that when the seasons change, it's not like you can just dive into the back of the wardrobe for last year's clothes, you have to buy new. Keeping kids in clothes that fit them can be an expensive business, especially in winter when you need lots of layers: Jackets, jumpers, jeans, socks, shoes... and that's when you're leaving the house.

If you're staying in it's just as involved, layering them up in PJs, dressing gowns and slippers. But while shoes might be hard to get kids to wear at the best of times, slippers don't have to be, especially when they come in so many cute and cuddly designs. So, if you're in the market for something soft, snuggly and super comfy to keep your kiddo's feet warm this winter, we've got you covered. Read on for comfy, kid-approved slippers to keep every child toasty warm. 

These soft and magical slippers will delight any tiny unicorn fan in your household (or big unicorn fan, for that matter, as they go up to a woman’s size 8…) They’re made of plush faux fur and have a high density foam insole to make every step extra cushy. “My daughter loves them,” one reviewer wrote, adding, “She assures me I’d be happier if I traded my ugg slippers in for a pair!” Lady, your daughter is right: let’s face it, everyone is happier in unicorn slippers. 

These soft and snuggly slippers come in six different colours and are perfect for keeping the toes of every tiny tot warm. Made of faux fur with a cushioned insole, they’re perfect for lolling about at home or even for wearing to swimming lessons in the winter months. 

We had a pair of these boots when my son was just walking and they were excellent. They’re warm and cosy and lined with Merino wool with a suede outer so they’re extra snuggly on the inside and sturdy on the out. They have a rubber sole so they can handle a toddle in the backyard or a trip down the driveway to take the bins out with Mum or Dad. 

With an easy pull-on design, a "squidgy" underfoot foam for extra cushioning and comfort, these are also machine washable which is a big plus in my book. They're also made from vegan-friendly materials, which is a nice distinction. Available in dark blue or purple, they're guaranteed to keep feet warm and toasty. They also have non-marking soles, which is great because, as we know, kids tend to scuff their shoes a lot. 

These cute and cuddly little friends come as a kangaroo or a lamb will be a gorgeous friend to tiny tootsies. They’re lined with soft Australian Merino wool and have a flexible outsole for busy feet on the go. Some kids will be super happy to wear anything their parents put on them, but if you have a strong willed little monkey who won't wear anything that doesn't have personality (and truly, fair enough!) these might be a great option. 

These are the boots we currently have in our house and my four-year-old (who is not a fan of shoes, tbh) loves them, along with his dressing gown. They come in a bunch of great colours and, with a rubber sole, are hardy enough to wear inside and out when the temperatures drop. They have a faux suede outer and a faux fur lining so they’re super warm and cosy and the bootstrap at the back is a godsend for helping little hands take boots on and off themselves. 

A warm soft and cuddly boot that any kid would LOVE pulling on their feet, these delightful little ladybirds are perfect for wintery backyard adventures or just cuddling up by the fire while the fierce shark will definitely scare off any nighttime boogeymen or monsters under the bed. 

These soft and snuggly slippers are easy to slip on and off which means they’re perfect for little ones still learning to dress themselves… as well as big ones who are too tired in the morning to do anything more than slip their feet into something warm and cosy. 

Whether they’re into Frozen or The Wiggles (or maybe both!) They can wear booties to match their current obsession. They can drive around your living room in their very own Big Red Car, or go Into The Unknown, knowing their feet are warm and toasty. 

These boots won’t last forever, but with the speed that kids outgrow shoes, there’s no harm in buying something cheap, cheerful and seasonal. These slippers come in four different designs (we love this bright spaceman one) and has adjustable straps to resize as needed. 

Available in several different designs, like these friendly dinos or these bright and lovely rainbows, Ciao slippers are perfect for tiny toes. With self-fastening straps, they’re super easy for kids to slip on themselves and have breathable, flexible lining so feet stay warm (but don’t get too hot). They also have hardy outsoles so they’re stable and durable for outdoors. 

Available in Pink or Grey, these adorable slippers are made of faux fur and are unbelievably snug and cuddly, with a cute bunny face and a fluffy rabbit tail, they have a non-slip sole which is great for clumsy little kids still trying to find their feet. 

With a fleece, terry upper and durable rubber soles these are a great option for kids who won’t wear boring slippers! Available in dino or unicorn (limited sizes left in unicorn) “These slippers are excellent. My grandson adores them and having a big foot at 5yo not many novelty slippers go that big!”

The main thing to consider is where will they be wearing them? Is it something to slip on to protect against cold bathroom tiles on a winter's morning, or are you after something they can wear in and out of the house on afternoons when they come from school? Boots are more durable, but they're also more expensive. Because feet to start to sweat when they get hot, it's important to buy slippers with materials that breathe, like cotton or wool. It's also a good idea to get slippers with a velcro closure, as they are easier for little hands to put on and take off on their own. 

Sure, they can. But kids - especially little kids - can be notoriously clumsy and floors can be slippery at the best of times. If you have a house that is mainly carpeted, you can probably get away with just thick socks on cold nights and wintery mornings. But if you have floorboards or tiles, and you have active, younger kids, it's a good idea to invest in some slippers to keep them extra snug and protect them from any falls.  

Slippers aren't meant to be worn for long periods of time, so while they aren't ever going to be super supportive, they don't really need to be. At best your kids are going to padding about the house in them - they're not going to be climbing up play equipment or tearing around the park. If you choose a slipper with a soft and flexible, slip-free sole it will help support your child's foot for the time they are wearing them, and prevent any tumbles at the same time.  

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