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2022-05-11 08:45:13 By : Ms. wei Wei

Any outdoor space, whether it's an expansive patio, front porch, sidewalk garden, or balcony, can be dressed up with flowers, produce, and herbs. And now that it's officially gardening season, it's time to stock up on the tools, planters, seeds, and bulbs you need to make that happen. If you're prepping for planting, make sure to check out Amazon's hidden storefront for spring gardening essentials. 

Amazon's Spring Into Summer Garden Store is filled with gardening must-haves, including small tools, weeders, seeds, and gardening accessories. You can even find planters and raised garden beds that provide contrast to in-ground plants. The best part? Everything in here is pretty affordable, with prices starting at just $14. 

Keep reading to shop our nine favorite gardening tools before your planting spree begins. 

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This raised garden bed is ideal for small patios and balconies—you can even use it as a standalone herb or vegetable garden. It features a water gauge that detects the soil's moisture, a water reservoir that prevents root decay and over-watering, and a drainage system that allows for total control of the water volume.

Whether you're harvesting produce, trimming bushes, or snapping dead stems, pruning snips are a gardening staple. This pair includes precise stainless steel blades and a comfortable handle that's easy to grip and won't cause fatigue over time.

Another raised garden bed to consider is this vinyl option that spaces out botanical varieties to create statement centerpieces throughout your yard or sidewalk garden. Its tongue-and-groove snap-lock sides don't require tools to put together, and it's weather-resistant.

As you plant, water, fertilize, and prune your garden, you need comfortable shoes to support you through it all. These vegan slip-on garden clogs are waterproof and moisture-wicking to keep your toes sweat-free and dry as you maintain a growing yard. They come in five sizes and colors.

This outdoor planter box can quickly dress up decks, patios, and balconies with minimal effort. It's made from durable polypropylene and features a farmhouse-inspired lattice pattern that'll complement floral arrangements. Note: It only supports potted plants because of its open T-shaped bottom that's not designed to hold loose soil.

Digging through soil is no friend to your nails and skin, so be sure to have a few pairs of gardening gloves on hand. The gloves in this six-pack are lightweight, flexible, and breathable to ensure your hands are protected yet mobile enough to handle weeds and soil.

A weeding and digging knife is a necessary tool to remove pesky weeds, dig through dirt, and cut through small branches. This Japanese stainless steel knife is rust-resistant and features inch markers and a serrated edge to help you accomplish the toughest tasks.

If you need to replace a whole set of gardening tools, consider this $16 option that includes a branch pruner, snip, rake, trowel, shovel, spray bottle, and soft wires. Each tool is durable and rust-resistant to get the job done, and they all fit in one convenient carrying tote.

Keep your seasonal annuals healthy with this 1-gallon watering can that's easy to carry to your pots and garden beds. The shatterproof and UV-protected watering can includes a long spout to reach dry soil and control the water flow.