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2022-05-11 08:55:47 By : Mr. Frank Zhao

Are you looking for the best footwear to amp up your style statements effortlessly? You have landed on the right page. Sashay down the path in utmost merriment with different types of heels.

Women’s day to day wear is incomplete without teaming up the right pair of footwear to rock throughout the day. Whether it is summer or winter, every woman must possess different types of heels to accentuate their overall personality and feel a little more confident than usual. High heel sandals not only add some length to your actual height but they elevate your spirits to the maximum.The different types of heels not only add fuel to your strong headed self image but also help you walk with pride. With multiple types of footwear making their way to women’s shoe closet, fashionable pencil heel sandals, best shoes for walking and jogging, casual white shoes and pink shoes have managed to make their space in the top most rack. 

Our top picks of different types of heels 

1. KLAUR MELBOURNE Women Transparent Block Heel- Buy Now

2. Marc Loire Women's Open Toe Textured Pattern Block Heel- Buy Now

3. Do Bhai Women Block Heels Printed Sandal- Buy Now

4. Mochi Women’s Kitten Heels- Buy Now

5. Inc.5 Shoes Women Kitten Heel- Buy Now

6. Catwalk Women's Slit Detail Slip Ons- Buy Now

7. KIRAVI Rainbow Transparent Strap High Pencil Heel Sandals- Buy Now

8. Metro womens Heeled Fashion Sandals- Buy Now

9. ZAPATOZ Women Wedge Heel Sandal- Buy Now

10. crocs Women's Pale Blush Fashion- Buy Now

Today is the day of women who are still lagging to fill their shoe closet with different types of heels. Get them home straight away and sashy down the path with your head held high. 

2. Types of heels for ladies

3. Different types of heels that are trending

4. Advantages of wearing heels 

5. Disadvantages of wearing heels 

The increasing buzz around the different types of heels has compelled women to seek the most stylish, branded, funky at the earliest. To make sure you own one before they belong to someone else, we are here to help you with every detail and types of heels with names. 

Following are the footwear that has received immense love from women who love to upgrade their shoe closet with every on-trend style. 

With these footwear, you can go casual, formal, semi-formal, traditional or extremely ethnic seamlessly. Now let’s understand the types of heels for ladies. 

1. Block Heels: They have a thicker heel. It provides the wearer immense support and balance backed with ample of comfortness.

2. Cone Heels: These heels are in the shape of an ice cream that keeps you on your toes in utmost fashion.

3. Kitten Heels: Kitten heels have extremely tiny pencil heels. They are perfect for those who cannot find the right balance in high heels. 

4. Platform Heels: They offer an extra height but in a uniform manner. They belong to the family of wedges but with no heels. 

5. Stiletto Heels: Stiletto are the highest type of heels. Usually they are as long, thin and high as possible. 

6. Wedge Heels: Wedges are invented for those you cannot find their balance in heels and stilettos. They have a flat sole and heel. 

Different types of heels that are trending? Umm.. High heel shoes? Beautiful heels? Fancy heels? Trending heels? Small heel sandals? Simple heels? Long heels? Pointed high heels? And WHAT NOT! Scroll down and check out the different types of heels that will refine your fashion sense like never before. 

1. KLAUR MELBOURNE Women Transparent Block Heel

These block heel sandals come with a buckle closure and transparent ankle strap. It has a peep toe style with a heel height of 3.5 inches. With medium shoe width, these block heels are all that you need to team up with your enthnic as well as casual outfits. 

Why KLAUR MELBOURNE Women Transparent Block Heel?

These block heel ankle strap sandals are a perfect fit and worth the penny. They are sturdy and offer a firm grip while walking. 

2. Marc Loire Women's Open Toe Textured Pattern Block Heel

These block heel sandals come with a rubber sole and a slip on closure. In addition, it comes with an adjustable buckle that you need to fasten onto your feet for customised fitness. These heels are comfortable and suitable for any type of weather. 

Why Marc Loire Women's Open Toe Textured Pattern Block Heel? 

These are well made with an extra comfortable padded insole, slip-resistant rubber outsole and soft anti-sweat lining.The heels are light in weight and comfortable for occasional use. 

3. Do Bhai Women Block Heels Printed Sandal

These printed block heel sandals have a resin sole. They are the latest, fashionable and trendy piece of footwear that you must own. These heels are light in weight and well made with an extra comfortable padded insole.

Why Do Bhai Women Block Heels Printed Sandal?

These heels have a round toe shape. These heels will enable your feet to breathe in every step that you take. They have a slip on closure that will wrap your feet in immense freshness. 

4. Feel it Suede Block Heels for Women

These block heels are perfect for casual, formal and semi-casual wear. With 3 inches height, these heels will provide you with utmost comfortness and grip while walking. The shoe width is narrow but is crafted with high quality materials. 

Why Feel it Suede Block Heels for Women? 

These heels have a normal heel type that makes it a must have footwear. They are comfortable and easy to take off and on. 

1. Mochi Women’s Kitten Heels

These kitten heels are a compressed version of pencil heels. They have a slip-on closure that comes with 1.5 inches of heels. They are comfortable as well as classy. These kitten heels sandals are a perfect match to ethnic wear. 

Why Mochi Women’s Kitten Heels? 

The colour of these heels look splendid and can be teamed with any coloured outfit. They are easy to take off and on due to the easy slip on closure. It has a trendy design that your shoe closet must possess. 

2. Inc.5 Shoes Women Kitten Heel

These kitten heel footwear are meticuouldy crafted by skilled manforce so as to provide everything that a woman needs while on the go. With minimum height and foot breathability, these heels are worth appreciating. 

Why Inc.5 Shoes Women Kitten Heel? 

These heels have a resin sole and a medium shoe width for utmost comfort while walking. The transparent strap and golden colour of the kitten heel makes it a universal footwear that can jam well with all the outfits. 

3. Rocia Women's Patent Closed toe Kitten Heel Sandals

These kitten heel sandals come with a buckle up closure and close toe pattern. It has 1.5 inches of heel that looks smart and classy. Be it formals or casual, complete your look with these kitten heel sandals. 

Why Rocia Women's Patent Closed toe Kitten Heel Sandals? 

The neutral shade of these kitten heel sandals are appreciated by all the shoe lovers. These heels will also provide room to move while walking. Your toes will have sufficient space to breathe. 

4. STEPSMITH "FIT TO FEET" Women Fancy Slipper Kitten Heel Sandal

These kitten heel sandals have a synthetic rubber sole. They are very trendy and define simplicity and elegance. The heels speak charm for those that wear, admire and preserve their fashion statements. 

Why STEPSMITH "FIT TO FEET" Women Fancy Slipper Kitten Heel Sandal?

The comfortable sole makes sure that your feet stay comfortable throughout the day and you enjoy optimal grip. They offer utmost comfort without compromising style. 

1. Catwalk Women's Slit Detail Slip Ons

These pencil heels will be the reason behind your added height. The 6 centimeters of heels and medium shoe width make sure that you stall tall amongst the crowd. They have a slip-on closure for a comfortable wearing experience. 

Why Catwalk Women's Slit Detail Slip Ons?

The outer material of these shoes are made up of synthetic leather. These heels have a padded insole and close toe pattern with a slit at the top for flexible mobility while walking. 

2. KIRAVI Rainbow Transparent Strap High Pencil Heel Sandals

These high pencil heel sandals are crafted for modern women with latest, trendy and stylish designs. They are light in weight and offer extra comfortness with the help of padded soles. The slip-resistant outsole and soft anti-sweat lining makes it an alluring piece. 

Why KIRAVI Rainbow Transparent Strap High Pencil Heel Sandals?

This pair is a perfect and worthy pair that serves you with trendiness and comfort at a time. With comfort and breathability at its best, these heels have the transparent strap in the front. This transparent strap is like a cherry on the cake. 

These high pencil heels come with a buckle closure. They have a medium shoe width and 6 inches of high heels. These heels feature a contemporary and refined design for occasional use.


The heels might look huge but are extremely comfortable. They leave no space for shoe bites or foot aches. It gives your personality a sexy vibe. 

4. ZAIF Women Stylish Trendy Pencil Heel Sandal

These pencil heel sandals are made up from a synthetic rubber sole. They are easy to wear and disseminate a trendy look. The superior quality of the sole makes this pair trendy and stylish. 

Why ZAIF Women Stylish Trendy Pencil Heel Sandals?

This pair of sandals have a neutral shade and can be easily teamed up with casuals as well as formals. 

1. Metro womens Heeled Fashion Sandals

These wedges have a 3 inch heel embedded on a rubber sole. It has a simple and subtle design that will elevate your overall style with ease. They are very comfortable and come with a cushioned footbed. 

Why Metro womens Heeled Fashion Sandals? 

The durable sole provides optimal grip for smooth and quick steps. These wedges are available in two colours to match every outfit of yours in the closet. 

2. ZAPATOZ Women Wedge Heel Sandal

These wedges feature a polyurethane sole and a heel height of 4 inches. The medium shoe width will keep your feet protected and offer sheer comfort while walking and standing. 

Why ZAPATOZ Women Wedge Heel Sandal? 

These wedges are made of the finest formula. The midsole is incredibly soft, flexible and durable. It is much more resilient and shock absorbent, providing exceptional comfort and ongoing stability in every single step that you take.

3. Marc Loire Women's High Heel Fashion Sandal

These wedges feature a thermoplastic rubber sole. These are casual wedges that are light in weight and made with durable material. They are well made with an extra cushioned pad insole, and slip-resistant rubber outsole.

Why Marc Loire Women's High Heel Fashion Sandal?

These wedges are comfortable and versatile. The earthy shade of these wedges complement your everyday style seamlessly. 

4. crocs Women's Pale Blush Fashion

The sole of these wedges are made up of foam. Teh slip on closure and casual appearance makes it an everyday piece of fashion. The synthetic outer material offers 100 percent comfort and flexibility while walking. 

Why crocs Women's Pale Blush Fashion?

These wedges are a must buy for someone who is looking for heels with cushion soles. You can wear these heels on a daily basis and frolic around in merriment. With 4.3 out of 5 stars of Amazon, these wedges have managed to capture the attention of all.

These different types of heels are surely going to take you on cloud nine. The texture, prints, sole, design are just perfect to rock any event or meeting with utmost style. These types of heels will make you irresistible and of course turn heads around. When you click clack make sure your head is high and you are infused with confidence and high spirits. 

Here are some advantages of wearing heels in your day to day life. 

1. Heels uplifts your confidence, mood and your overall fashion sense.

2. It adds a length to your height so that you don't feel conscious amidst yoru tall companions.

3. Heels make you stand out amongst the crowd with minimal effort.

4. They make you feel high on spirit. 

5. They also help you to improve your posture. 

6. They disseminate a toned physique. 

7. They build muscles, calves and make your legs stronger. 

8. They make your body appear leaner than usual. 

Following are the disadvantages of wearing heels:

1. Frequent use of heels might result in severe health issues. 

2. It can cause leg, toes, ankle fractures or injuries if you don't know how to balance.

3. It can damage your spinal cord and kidney largely due to frequent use. 

4. Heels can pinch your nerves and cause sprains. 

5. Your blood circulation can be affected due to prolonged periods of wearing heels. 

6. It can damage leg and foot muscles. 

They are the major 6 drawbacks of wearing heels. However, occasional usage of heels is advisable. No matter how die heart fan you are when it comes to heels, make sure you rely on flats the majority of the time. The different types of heels are exclusive and will help you lay some bold fashion sense at the right time and in the right place.

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