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17 years ago, adidas Golf introduced the TOUR360 to the world. At the time, adidas purposefully took a lot of risks when it came to design because they wanted to challenge conventional thinking on what a premium performance shoe could represent. That first model ushered-in an era for what has now become their flagship footwear franchise worn by major champions and amateurs all around the world.

And to help take the brand into the next chapter, adidas is releasing the TOUR360 22.

TOUR360 in White/Black/Blue

After nearly two decades of building upon and improving that original model of the TOUR360, adidas went back to the beginning by adopting that same mindset of taking risks that ultimately drove the creation for that first model. With the TOUR360 22, the primary focus was to re-examine how adidas addressed two critical areas that are important for golfers of all skill levels: fit and traction.

To get there, they looked at historical models of the TOUR360 as well as its own brand archives from other categories for inspiration. adidas landed on a recipe of key features that makes this our best-performing TOUR360 to date. From the ground up, the TOUR360 22 sits on their Feet You Wear last, serving as the foundation for the NEW TOUR360 FIT, while our new direct-injected SPIKEMORE traction system will help golfers stay locked-in and increase confidence with every swing.

Masun Denison, Global Footwear Director of adidas Golf, said:

“The TOUR360 is synonymous with pinnacle technology and premium materials, and we remained true to that throughout the design process of this new model… Golfers will instantly notice a more natural fit that offers better stability, better traction and amazing comfort. I’ve been a part of the creation of every model of the TOUR360, so I can confidently say that this is our best-performing model we have ever introduced.”

With so much lateral movement and weight transfer in the golf swing, adidas wanted to update it Feet You Wear technology, which first debuted in 1996 and looks to mimic the natural shape of the foot, ultimately helping to create a better connection with the ground and accommodate the natural movements of the foot in all directions. Given how important the ground is in the golf swing, an added benefit of using the Feet You Wear last helps golfers utilize this connection with the ground to generate power more easily in the swing.

DUALSTACK Midsole on the TOUR360 in White/Black/Blue

The Feet You Wear last is one component of our NEW TOUR360 FIT that is being introducing with TOUR360 22, and includes:

But as mentioned above, fit is only half the equation. For traction, adidas is introducing their latest iteration of  with the TOUR360 22 that features cleats directly injected onto the TPU base. This is an industry first, and adidas has discovered that by injecting the cleats, the TOUR 360 22’s can be designed with a more precise location that allows for greater adjustments in density, a more unique inside and outside arm, and cleat size variability to corresponds with where the cleat sits on the outsole.

Each cleat also includes a center cone, which helps to improve overall grip. While larger than our spikes of the past, this new configuration and variance in size helps to disperse weight and promote increased green friendliness.

In addition to the foregoing, the TOUR360 22 will also be available in laced and BOA models.  By working with BOA Technology’s team at the BOA Fit Performance Lab to find a way to optimize both fit and function, the TOUR360 22 will feature the PerformFit WrapTM system, which consists of two overlapping panels that pull down over the top of the instep.

BOA PerformFit Wrap System on the TOUR360 22 BOA in White/Silver/Red

The BOA Fit System, featuring the micro-adjustable Li2 dial wraps around the heel, locks the foot into place while providing a customized fit. The BOA model also features a sockfit construction, designed to give golfers ultimate support, stability, and confidence.

adidas Golf athletes, including current Olympic gold medalist Xander Schauffele and LPGA Tournament of Champions winner Danielle Kang both were involved with the TOUR360 22’s development, and are eager to take it onto the course this season:

“I got to see first-hand how much detail went into bringing this shoe to life and that was a really unique learning experience. Footwear is so important in the golf swing, but it can also help boost confidence. After spending quite a bit of time testing the TOUR360 22, I know golfers will feel a higher level of stability, traction and comfort, which are things we all need from our footwear out on the course so that we can perform our best.”

“The TOUR360 22 is packed with so much innovation and technology that I could feel the difference the minute I put them on. What impressed me the most was how meticulous the team was throughout the design process, and I think the final product is a testament to adidas’ commitment to never stop striving for better. I’m really excited to perform in it this season.”

The TOUR360 22 continues to include the best materials for enhanced durability, but now with even more purpose. The upper features premium rich leather (one-year waterproof warranty), microfiber, and textiles that incorporate recycled materials, all part of adidas’ mission as a brand to help END PLASTIC WASTE.

The laced models of the TOUR360 22 will be available at, the adidas app, and at select retailers worldwide beginning January 28, 2022.

The BOA models of the TOUR360 22 will be available shortly thereafter, beginning March 1.

Cover Image Via Adidas Golf

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