SwimSwam Breakdown: New Pro Groups, Stroke 50s at Worlds, & Ring Chasing

2022-05-11 08:48:46 By : Ms. Zhaisons Zou

We discuss Maxime Rooney's retirement, Maxine Parker's transfer to Virginia from Georgia, and USA's chances at medaling in the stroke 50s at world champs. Current photo via Jack Spitser/Spitser Photography

Panama City Swim Team’s Luke Maggiore, a rapidly-improving breaststroker, has announced his intention to swim for the FSU Seminoles next year.

Couchman is a two time 2022 Oklahoma 6A State Champion in the 50 yard free and the 100 yard fly, setting personal best times in both events.

Callan, a U.S. Olympian at the Tokyo 2020 Games, says he is still deciding whether to return to Michigan for his 5th year or not.

In high school, Lochte would only train 6 sessions a week, rarely getting over 6,000 yards and always having “Friday Fundays”.

Moore has worked as an assistant coach for the last two seasons with the Cougars.

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This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we discuss Maxime Rooney‘s retirement, Maxine Parker‘s transfer to Virginia from Georgia, and USA’s chances at medaling in the stroke 50s at world champs. See below for full list of topics:

Regarding Jeff Julian at Mission: I think many might not be considering who has shown confidence in him (and why they did). Either way, we will have to wait for the pudding.

LSC’s and teams need to step up and help support these athletes. It would be nice if USA swimming took this direction but that’s a lot cause.

Even companies like TYR and Speedo need to market their athletes more and better. It takes so little to run a clinic and that in turn puts money in the pro swimmers pocket and builds better teams. We’ve done this for years with the college athletes as they graduate and try to move on. It has been a tremendous success for our team and I can’t figure out more hasn’t been done for pro athletes.

Peanut gallery late to the party: 1. Maxime-with the times he put up this summer, does he deserve more financial backing? I would say NO. Was his fall off when he switched colleges or after he had been at Texas for a while. I think the only people who get financial support this year were Olympians, no matter how you ranked in the World. If there are swimmers counting on ISL to survive, they are in trouble and need to set higher goals or move on with their lives!

-Maxine. Coleman, when did she ever go 21.47. NEVER! Not even close. Georgia used to be UVA. No more. They haven’t placed a new person on National team since…  Read more »

How do they know they make “lots and lots of money”?

Cody did just buy a new house and I wouldn’t be surprised if MA is open with SwimSwam about his earnings. Plus Braden usually seems to be pretty clued into these insider conversations

Will Zige Liu’s 200 Fly World Record be the longest-standing World Record? It’s hard to say. I tend to say No. I will bet on one of the freestyle records to be the longest-standing, as free is the stroke where techniques change less over time. It needs some technical changes to break those ridiculous super-suited records.

Will Florent Manaudou and Bruno Fratus both medal in the 50 free? No. It looks like they have taken a lot of time off in the past year, so I’m not expecting both to medal in Budapest, but they’ll be fine leading into Paris.

Over/Under: 3.5 2020 Olympians who DIDN’T make this years worlds team make worlds team NEXT year. I’ll…  Read more »

The men’s distance free records are still way ahead of the pack right now, but I’m not sure I agree it’s because of technique. On the women’s side, only one SS record is left for free and Titmus was 0.11 off which is basically nothing in a 200. Unless women’s freestyle technique has changed in the last 10 years but men’s hasn’t?

There are a lot of fliers out there right now that are comparably fast to Sjostrom in her prime. Some of them are still teenagers.

While 24.43 is a crazy record there is a list of swimmers you could see getting at least down around there. They’re taking the 100 fly out in 25 mid.

In the 200 Fly there’s no one swimming at the international level right now that will ever get close to that.

I don’t care about details like that. If it’s women’s 200 butterfly vs. the Field I’ll take the Field without 5 seconds thought. One event should not be receiving upwards of 50% of the vote.

Yeah, but even look at how far “in her prime” Sjostrom is from that record. I don’t see any current swimmer getting that record, either – pretty much every flyer you can think of that might get there can’t even go that fast in a 50 free right now. (Emma McKeon excepted, and she’s the one world class flyer that’s least likely to get there in a 50.)

I don’t see the 2 fly going down anytime soon either, but when they both get broken I assume they’ll be around the same time. (A long time.)

Agree. Women’s 2Fly has improved only 4 seconds in OVER 40years and 2:03 at Tokyo is only 2 sec improvement in same time frame. There are no other events that even come close to this lack of improvement regardless of supersuits. Mens 200fly has had much better progression. Agree with Braden until someone is really willing to go all in to train 200Fly it will not be broken.

Why not just say over 3 and over 4? .. kinda hard to have 1/2 of an olympian make it.

So that every whole number is represented by an option (over or under)

Tell me you don’t bet on sports without telling me you don’t bet on sports.

When I worked as sportsbook supervisor we made sure every future bet end in a half. There was no point in the player tying up all that money for months, without some type of decision. Plus obviously it benefits the house and not only in the most obvious fashion. You could look at all of your future pools and see what your gain or liability was depending on outcome, without having to worry about pushes.

I’m over on both over/unders. For 2020 Olympians who didn’t make the team this year but will make it next year, I’ll go over 3.5 with Apple, Jacoby, Madden, and… Manuel.

This is a hot take. I’m not sure I agree, but as we all learned from Eric Friese at the 2022 NCAAs: Safe money don’t make money!

Pieroni is the wildcard for me. So then litherland, Becker, weitzel, shields, smoliga, and Sullivan will not?

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